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Dennis Kunkel

Dennis Kunkel is one of the world’s most prominent microscopists, who has devoted more than 40 years of his life to exploring the extraordinary microworld invisible to the naked eye.

Dr. Kunkel’s award-winning images appear worldwide in print, film and digital media such as Time magazine, Scientific American, The New York Times, Life and National Geographic.

He has made significant contributions in the fields of microbiology, neurobiology and botany and authored or co-authored 59 research papers in scientific journals.

Dennis Kunkel continues to offer:

  • Assignment photography with related image licensing or buyout
  • Microscopy services
  • Consultation

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Dennis Kunkel’s valuable addition of nearly 23,000 images significantly enriches our microscopy collection and strengthens our position as the central source of the most comprehensive and wonderfully authentic science and medicine images worldwide.

A collection of more than 5000 carefully selected images is exclusively available at SPL’s website for immediate download and purchase. 

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