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<i>Entamoeba gingivalis</i> - a non-pathogenic amoeba

Entamoeba gingivalis - a non-pathogenic amoeba

Image Number: 29239C

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Entamoeba gingivalis - a non-pathogenic parasite (single-celled protozoan, amoeba) that occurs in the oral cavity of humans. E. gingivalis is an amoeba that can be found within the spaces of the teeth, gingival pockets (gums) or tonsils. This amoeba can cause periodontal disease and gingivitis. Note the broad lobopodia (pseudopodia) that are forming at the tips of the cell body. Pseudopods extend from the amoeba cell causing a slow gliding locomotion over substrate surfaces. E. gingivalis is similar to another human parasitic protozoan, Entamoeba histolytica.


| 29239C Entamoeba gingivalis amoeba amoebae parasite parasitic amoeba parasitic amoebae SEM 06.01.09 pyorrheic mouth Entamoeba ameba ameba trophozoite amoeba trophozoite filopodia filopodium parasitic ameba pseudopod pseudopods trophozoite gingival pocket gingival pockets gum gums lobopodia lobopodium oral cavity mouth protozoa mouth protozoan gingivitis human disease human parasite human pathogen periodontal amoeba periodontal disease periodontal diseases protozoan protozoa eukaryote contaminated fresh water amoebic dysentery amebic dysentery dysentery intestine animal disease zoonoses zoonotic microorganism infection protozoal pathogen polluted pollution parasitic aquatic plankton single cell single cell organism single cell protoxoa single cell protoxoan single cell protoxoans single-cell organism single-cell organisms single-cell protoxoa single-cell protoxoan single-cell protoxoans oral cavity protozoa oral cavity protozoan protozoan pathogen mouth disease mouth infection oral cavity disease oral infection trophozoite ameba trophozoite amoeba pathogenic protozoa pathogenic protozoan pathogenic protozoans Entamoeba histolytica psuedopod psuedopods |

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