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Thorny-headed worm (<i>Oncicola canis</i>)

Thorny-headed worm (Oncicola canis)

Image Number: 23393B

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Thorny-headed worm (Oncicola canis). Oncicola canis is an acanthocephalid (acanthocephalan) - a parasitic worm occurring in the small intestine of a dog, cat or fox (definitive hosts). This parasitic worm is not a cestode, trematode or nematode. Adults are conical shaped and have a proboscis with 6 rows of hooks. The eggs are passed in feces. It has a life cycle that is not fully understood. The intermediate host (probably an arthropod) ingests eggs from the feces. The intermediate host (containing cystacanth) is ingested by a paratenic host (turkeys or armadillos). Dogs, cats and foxes ingest the paratenic host and O. canis establishes itself in the small intestine (embedded in the mucosa) causing an intestinal infection. Oncicola canis matures and the perpantent period is unknown.


| 23393B thorny-headed worm acanthocephalid Acanthocephala parasite small intestine fox Oncicola SEM misc. invertebrate misc. invertebrates miscellaneous invertebrate miscellaneous invertebrates Archiacanthocephala Oligacanthorhynchida cat parasite dog parasite fox parasite parasitic worm animal infection animal intestine infection animal intestine infections armadillo armadillos cat small intestine infection cat small intestine infections dog small intestine infection dog small intestine infections small intestine infection small intestine infections turkey turkeys cystacanth acanthocephalan acanthocephalans Macracanthorhynchidae probocis thorny worm 08.01.09 acanthocephalids Oncicola canis animal intestinal animal intestinal infection animal intestinal infections cat parasites dog parasites intestinal infection intestinal infections intestine infection intestine infections |

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