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Nose hair with mucus and trapped pollen grain

Nose hair with mucus and trapped pollen grain

Image Number: 26792A

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Nose hair with mucus and trapped pollen grain. Nose hair helps to protect against organisms and foreign debris from entering the nasal passages and lungs. Nose hair is larger than scalp or axillary hair in order to provide a larger surface area to collect foreign objects that pass through the nose. Nose hair is associated with the nasal epithelium and mucus of the nose (collectively known as the mucous membrane or mucosa). Specialized cells called goblet cells are present in the nasal epithelial layer of the nose. They are responsible for producing mucus that coats the surface of the nasal epithelial cells. The nose is one of the mucous membranes (mucosae) of the body that is involved in absorption and secretion. Mucus is a slippery secretion in the nasal passages consisting of a viscous colloid containing antiseptic enzymes and immunoglobulins. Phlegm is a type of mucus that is restricted to the respiratory tract. Foreign debris and organisms get trapped in the mucus. Nasal epithelial cells possess cilia (small hair-like threads) on their surface. The cilia beat rapidly back and forth pushing mucus back in towards the oropharynx where it can be either swallowed or ejected.


| 26792A 03.01.07 medical human nose hair mucus pollen pollen spore pollen grain absorption secretion allergies allergy hair foreign debris foreign objects nose hairs nasal hair nasal hairs human hairs nostral hair nostral hairs human nose hair human nose hairs nasal nose hair nasal nose hairs human nostral hair human nostral hairs hair with mucus human body mucous mucous membrane mucous membranes mucosa mucosae nasal mucosa nasal mucus nasal passageway nasal passageways nose nostril respiratory system nasal epithelium nasal epithelia pithelia pithelium nasal passage nasal passages goblet cell goblet cells epithelial layer hair cell hair cells epithelia layer epithelium layer pheglm nasal epithelia cell nasal epithelia cells nasal epithelial cell nasal epithelial cells oropharynx cilia cilium nasal cilia nasal cilium nose cilia nose cilium nasal epithelia layer nasal epithelial layer nasal secretion nose secretion antiseptic enzyme antiseptic enzymes immunoglobulin immunoglobulins respiratory tract SEM |

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