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Parastic wasp head (<i>Nasonia vitripennis</i>)

Parastic wasp head (Nasonia vitripennis)

Image Number: 25922A

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Male parasitic wasp head (Nasonia vitripennis). Nasonia is a genus of Pteromalid parasitoid wasps that parasitize primarily blowflies and fleshflies. Nasonia spp. are a useful tool for biocontrol of these pest flies. Three species have been identified - Nasonia vitripennis, Nasonia longicornis and Nasonia giraulti). The female parasitizes the pupa of blowflies and fleshflies. A female lays her eggs in a blowfly (or fleshfly) pupa through her ovipositor. The female deposits thirty to fifty eggs into the pupal casing. The eggs develop into larvae within one or two days. The larvae then feed on the fly pupa as a nutritional source. The larvae will continue to develop over the next eight to nine days, and then pupate, forming a protective casing around the pupae. Nasonia remain in the pupal stage for three to four days and then break free from their pupal cases as adults. These adults eventually emerge by chewing a hole through the host casing. These parasitoid wasps have been the subject of genetic, ecological, evolutionary and developmental research for over 40 years. The genome of Nasonia vitripennis has recently been sequenced.


| 25922A insects wasp parasitic wasp parasite mandibles mouthparts Nasonia genetics genitalia posterior jewel wasp insect parasite parasitic wasps insect invertebrate invertebrates wasps parasitoid wasp parasitoid wasps 04.01.09 pteromalid parasitoid wasp pteromalid parasitoid wasps pteromalid wasp pteromalid wasps hymenopteran hymenopteran wasp hymenopteran wasps hymenopterans Pteromalidae eclosion biocontrol biological control Nasonia vitripennis genome sequence Nasonia giraulti Nasonia longicornis blow fly blowfly flesh fly fleshfly pupa pupae insect pest insect pests pest flies pest fly developmental research genetic research ecological research ecology research evolutionary research female parasitation antenna antennae compound eye insect antenna insect antennae insect compound eye insect mouthparts parasitic wasp head wasp head SEM |

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