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<i>Bordetella pertussis</i> - whooping cough prokaryote (bacterium)

Bordetella pertussis - whooping cough prokaryote (bacterium)

Image Number: 98859C

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Bordetella pertussis - Gram-negative, aerobic, nonmotile, coccobacillus prokaryote (bacterium). Bordetella pertussis causes whooping cough or pertussis. This bacterium occurs in the human host. The bacterium is spread by coughing and by nasal drops. The incubation period is 7-14 days. A vaccine is available for this bacterial pathogen. Pertussis vaccine is part of the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis) immunization. Bordetella parapertussis causes a less severe case of human whooping cough but can also cause pneumonia in sheep. B. pertussis also produces a lymphocytosis-promoting factor, which causes a decrease in the entry of lymphocytes into lymph nodes. This can lead to a condition known as lymphocytosis


| 98859C Bordetella pertussis 03.01.09 human disease pertussis pertussis disease pertussis disease bacteria pertussis disease bacterium respiratory disease respiratory infection respiratory infections whooping cough whooping cough bacteria whooping cough bacterium whooping cough disease whooping cough infection Bordetella bacilli bacillus bacteria pathogen bacterial pathogen cocci coccobacilli coccobacillus coccoid coccoid shaped coccus human pathogen pertussis cough prokaryote rod rod shaped rod-shaped aerobic aerobic bacteria aerobic bacterium gram negative gram-negative oxidase positive lymphocytosis lymphocytosis promoting factor lymphocytosis-promoting factor cough lymph node lymph nodes lymphocyte lymphocytes pertussis vaccine vaccine whooping cough vaccine DTaP acellular pertussis pertussis immunization tetanus whooping cough immunization bronchitis betaproteobacteria betaproteobacterium Burkholderiales Alcaligenaceae beta proteobacteria beta proteobacterium proteobacteria proteobacterium Bordetella parapertussis diphtheria bacteria bacterium pertussis toxin |

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